Can You Change to Synthetic Motor Oil?

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Automotive

You use quality parts like Wix filters for your older car in Royal Oak. You have changed the oil on a regular basis but you might be wondering if it’s a good idea to switch over to synthetic motor oil. Most new car manufacturers recommend this kind of oil, but what about your older engine? Let’s take a look at synthetic oil and whether you might want to consider a change.

Synthetic Motor Oil

Standard oil for motors is made from petroleum which comes from refined crude oil removed from the ground. On the other hand, synthetic oil contains ingredients produced in the lab. However, this can give synthetic based lubricants some special properties due to things like polymers and other agents.

Benefits of Synthetically Produced Lubricant

Synthetic oil does not break down as quickly as petroleum based oil. As a result, it keeps its viscosity or ability to lubricate longer. This is very important for the car owner with little time and a busy schedule as he or she will not have to worry about frequent oil changes.

Additional Benefits

Visiting you auto parts supplier for Wix filters and synthetic motor oil may be a good idea in Royal Oak. For example, the weather in Michigan can run from very cold to extremely hot and these temperature extremes can be hard on motor oil and engine components. Synthetic lubricant performs better in very cold and hot temperatures and provides better lubrication. For an older engine, this is an important consideration.

Cleaner Engines

Synthetic oil is better at reducing sludge buildup in engines. It is also more resistant to oxidation than standard motor oil. This can result in a cleaner and better performing engine.

Will the New Oil Harm My Older Motor?

Several years ago, there was a legitimate concern about synthetic oil products, because they used to contain esters (which included alcohol). These products could be hard on engine seals and over time, may actually contribute to seal breakdown and oil leakage. However, modern synthetic lubricants do not contain these ingredients and are considered to be very safe.

A Word about Oil Leaks

If your older engine has some oil leaks, you should consider fixing them before making the change. Synthetic oils are more expensive and you could be replacing oil on a regular basis if there are substantial leaks. If you are not sure about your engine oil, talk to your automotive professionals providing Wix filters, synthetic oil and other fine products for your vehicle in Royal Oak. They are there to help with name brand parts, accessories and automotive advice.

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