Hiring a Drug Defense Lawyer for a Trafficking Charge

At the start of a drug trafficking case, detainees and their families usually face a daunting task with little hope of getting the defender out of jail while the case is pending. Often, the person arrested for drug trafficking is jailed without bail. High bail amounts make it virtually impossible to pay the imposed amount. Bonds of up to $1 million are not uncommon. At this point, hiring a Drug Defense Lawyer is a must. A person arrested for drug trafficking usually has the right to a reasonable bail amount. The attorney you hire should have represented individuals accused of crimes related to drug trafficking beforehand. Most of the time, your lawyer will introduce a Motion to Set a Reasonable Bond or a Motion to Reduce Bail Amount within the first 24 hours after a client is detained.

Analyzing Aspects

Before your Drug Defense Lawyer decides on the best strategy for defending your drug trafficking case, they must analyze many aspects, including:
How the police made contact with the defendant.

  • Where were drugs found?
  • Why and what authority did the police have to search for drugs?
  • Did the defendant consent to the search?
  • How did the authorities request a consent to search?
  • Was there a warrant?
  • Why was the order obtained?
  • Did they use a confidential police informant?
  • Was there a “K-9” used?

Drug – Mandatory Sentences

A person accused of drug trafficking charges faces the gravest possible drug-related crime under current laws. Besides being considered a felony, all charges pertaining to drug trafficking carry mandatory minimum sentences of imprisonment. This means that if the person is found guilty, the judge assigned to the case would have no discretion and should condemn the accused to prison during a period specified in the law. Because of mandatory sanctions related to drug trafficking offenses, finding a plausible solution is not as simple as “negotiating an agreement” with the state.

It is essential for you to have professional advice through counsel, especially one who has the experience and knowledge necessary to thoroughly examine all aspects of your case and handle them in the best way possible. In most drug trafficking cases, the key to a successful defense is through a thorough assessment of the actions of the police. For more information, contact Addair Thurston Chtd. Today.

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