Contractor Talk: Asking More from Suppliers of Frames and Reaping the Rewards

by | Mar 21, 2015 | Building Materials Supplier

Of all the challenges facing construction contractors today, arranging for rock-solid, highly reliable supply chains can be among the most important. Many neglect this responsibility, simply assuming that whatever kind of service they are used to is the best available. In fact, however, seeking out and making use of the most capable suppliers can be the kind of thing that helps to set one contractor apart from the masses.

When it comes down to finishing a building, for example, waiting for a shipment of Frames or other supplies is a common hold-up. Many suppliers accept orders regardless of whether they are ready and able to fill them as requested, and this can lead to delays that drive up costs and drive down client satisfaction.

Some suppliers of Frames, though, go beyond the norm when it comes to service level and reliability. Rather than simply competing on price, as so many suppliers do, these stand outs go the extra mile, promising and delivering on service that will make their contractor customers look even better.

In some cases, that will mean guaranteed delivery assurances, a relative rarity in the industry. While every supplier will promise to have a delivery in place by some requested time, few have an incentive to do so beyond the upholding of reputation. As so many contractors are already accustomed to failures of this sort, further lapses often result in little in the way of repercussions, and suppliers often realize this and take advantage.

A supplier with a guaranteed delivery contract, though, puts something more concrete on the line. Because these suppliers enter into agreements knowing that a delivery failure stands to cost them, they are much more likely to produce the supplies on time and in full.

That can make a big difference on a project for a contractor who is relying on their service, and it can result in more business down the line, too. Instead of simply settling for what seems like the status quo when it comes to supplier arrangements, then, many contractors would benefit from looking deeper and asking for more. Far from being a necessarily fruitless pursuit, this can often point the way to valuable new opportunities.


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