Hair Thinning Solution in Lancaster PA for Women

Aging and hormonal disorders are common reasons why women experience hair thinning from the scalp. Hair thinning can also start to happen due to high amounts of stress or traumatic experiences. Diseases such as lupus, an underactive thyroid, and polycystic ovary syndrome can all cause hair loss. The right Hair Thinning Solution in Lancaster PA will depend on the root cause, but hormone-based treatments such as those at BeBalanced Center focus on correcting hormonal imbalances.

The Uniqueness of Female Hair Loss

While some women do experience hair loss in a similar fashion to men, the majority of women experience overall thinning of the scalp. This means hair can start falling out from multiple areas of the scalp and not just be concentrated to the top or back of the head. The hair loss may become noticeable in women with naturally thinner hair or may become more noticeable near the individual’s natural hairline.

Hormone Driven

An overabundance of male hormones is usually to blame for female hair loss. Although the female hormones of estrogen and progesterone are typically dominant in women, they still produce a certain amount of androgens or male hormones. If the level of androgens become too high, women can begin to develop characteristics associated with males, such as facial hair, body hair on the chest, back or stomach, severe acne, and hair loss from the scalp.

Hormone Treatment

An endocrinologist can run tests to determine if a woman’s androgen levels are too high and provide a good Hair Thinning Solution in Lancaster PA. Check out for information on how thinning hair can be treated through the rebalancing of hormones. Too much stress can also cause a temporary imbalance of hormones, especially if the stress is extended for longer periods of time.

Seeking treatment for hair loss and thinning hair can be a sensitive matter for women, as society does not look as kindly on hair loss in women as it does with men. Both environmental and biological triggers can cause a woman’s hormones to become imbalanced. Treatments to help hormones become more balanced can include a combination of dietary changes, stress reduction, prescription medications, and natural supplements. Visit the website for more information.

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