GPS – Not the Only Game in Town in the Field of Navigation

Did you know that GPS is not the only satellite navigation system? In fact, it is one of a number of navigation systems, specifically one created by the American military. It has become so commonplace that many people use it as an umbrella term for any and all satellite navigation, but the correct term for that definition is actually a GNSS surveying system.

What Is GNSS?

GNSS stands for ‘Global Navigation Satellite System’, and it is an umbrella term encompassing all satellite navigational systems worldwide. For projects with international clients and plans, companies who provide access to positioning software and devices should understand both the existence and the workings of each of these major systems.

Worldwide Applications

GNSS software has many of the same applications as the familiar American GPS. Often used in land surveying tasks, GNSS can pinpoint exact location within a few meters. This makes it an incredibly useful tool in the field of surveying as well as elsewhere.

Though many tools are used in surveying tasks, the most important to modern day surveyors is inarguably GNSS. Allowing workers to position themselves accurately and nearly-effortlessly, the technology makes the job simpler than it has ever been before. Additionally, GNSS surveying systems can actually do the measuring, recording, and transmitting of information for surveyors in real time, eliminating several steps in the process and making work more efficient and productive.

GNSS hasn’t only revolutionized the field of land surveying. It has made travel and navigation easier for regular civilians, made military operations more precise, and safety measures more effective. In these ways, GNSS isn’t just changing the way we understand and move about the world – it is changing the world, itself. Visit the website  for more information.

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