Grind Your Feed Well with Hammer Mills Oregon

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Construction & Maintenance

Nothing helps the agricultural business more than seed and feed processing equipment. As farmers well know, they cannot manage every facet of the agricultural industry. Because of this, there are specific companies that specialize in the manufacture and selling of seed and feed processing equipment. These forms of equipment include roller, cracker, and pellet mills, scalpers, mixers, blenders, and flushed floor systems for feed and seed and grain conditioning. For grain storage, customers have the option of purchasing commercial storage buildings, hopper bins, farm storage buildings, drying bins, and smooth wall welded hopper bins. Bagging systems can also be bought to facilitate the ease of bagging feed; these systems include closing the bags, valve packers, portables, tote fillers, and stretch wrappers.

When looking for Hammer Mills in Oregon and other states, consider the amount of horsepower needed before purchasing. Hammer mills are used to shred and crush aggregate materials into tiny pieces. Typically, these types of mills are used to grind feed for livestock and poultry. Often, the materials put into the machine include corn, wheat, beans, and sorghum. Hammer mills can be incredibly versatile machines because the screens, blades, and grinding chambers can be mixed and matched for the perfect combination and end result. Incredibly fine screen will produce fine feed, and larger screens will produce more coarse feed.

For example, coarse grinding hammer mills often have tear shaped grinding chambers, a U-shaped double grinding structure, and beater blade edges. Like all expensive machines, proper and regular maintenance will help extend the life of one’s machine. Typically, Hammer Mills Oregon and elsewhere must be oiled with new lubrication regularly. After oiling, one should check all parts for wearing surfaces. Metal materials will damage the machine if they enter into it which can lead to expensive repairs. After a full inspection, these machines should be washed completely.

Choose a feed equipment company that has been in the business, sells decent equipment, and provides excellent service. One such company that exceeds expectations is Leon James Construction Company, Incorporated. This company has been established since 1977 and provides prompt 24-hour service, sells excellent feed and seed processing equipment, and services and repairs said equipment when needed. Give them a call today to see how they can help one find the right hammer mill and seed equipment for one’s farm.

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