Going To An Animal Clinic Leawood KS When Bringing Home A New Cat

When a new cat is brought into a home, there are several steps the new pet owner will need to do to ensure it is cared for properly. The cat’s comfort and health depend on these steps. Here are some tips to follow when bringing home a new pet.

First, the cat should be brought to an Animal clinic in Leawood KS right away for an evaluation. The veterinarian will check over the cat for any health issues and offer advice if there are any problems found. They will be able to give recommendations on food administration and will talk to the owner about immunizations and getting the cat spayed or neutered in the future.

After the cat has a clean bill of health, it can be brought to one room in the house so it starts getting used to new surroundings. It is best to contain the cat to one room for a few days as they get used to the smells, sounds, and sights of their new home. After a few days it can explore other areas of the home.

Purchase cat litter and pour several inches inside a litter box. Put this off to one side in the room so the cat has a place to retreat when it needs to use the bathroom. Cats usually instinctively know what to do with a litter box and will use it for elimination. If the cat eliminates somewhere else, place it in the box so it gets used to its existence in the room.

Feed the cat canned food as well as dry food. Cats are usually fed once or twice a day. Make sure they have plenty of fresh water to drink. Take the time to play with the cat often. Pet it often so it gets used to their new owner. In no time the cat will be roaming the house as if it has lived there all along.

When someone needs to bring their cat to an Animal clinic Leawood KS, they can look for a reputable service in the area.

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