Finding A Service To Help With Pet Grooming in Everett

When a dog or cat contracts fleas, their owner will most likely want to take the steps needed in eliminating these parasites from their pet’s fur. Taking a pet to a service that does Pet Grooming in Everett is a great way to have these pests removed from the animal’s coat. The pet will also receive a pampering shampooing treatment. Here are the steps a pet owner can take to revitalize a dog or cat’s fur when fleas become a problem.

The Pet Can Be Treated To Remove Fleas

A groomer will take the time to give a cat or dog a refreshing shampoo session with a flea removing agent. This will kill fleas on contact. The pet will then be dried with warm air, and a flea comb will be used to remove any dead fleas from the coat. This type of treatment can be given every month or so if needed. The shampoo used will repel fleas, so the pet remains free of these intruders between treatments.

The Home Will Need To Be Cleaned

The pet’s owner will need to do extensive vacuuming within their home to remove any fleas and eggs that may be hiding in carpets or on floors. It is important to place a flea collar in the vacuum bag or canister to help kill any fleas collected. The pet’s bedding should also be laundered in hot water.

The Yard Should Be Tended To

If the pet goes outdoors regularly, it is best to take steps in reducing the chance of them contracting fleas in the yard. The grass can be kept short, so fleas are less likely to jump onto the pet as it walks past. A pest control service can be called to use pesticides in areas where fleas are known to be abundant.

The first step in eliminating a flea problem is with proper Pet Grooming in Everett. Call a professional groomers to make an appointment for a shampoo treatment. Contact Business Name to find out more about the services they offer to those in the area who have pets.

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