Getting Ready to Live in a Home Away From Your College Dorm Room

When you make the decision not to live in a dorm room, it can mean privacy in your own home while you’re going to college. You’ll be able to decorate how you want and be able to cook what and when you want. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so that you move away from a dorm is as easy as possible.


If you decide to have a roommate share the expenses for off-campus housing in Tallahassee, you want to meet with those you’re considering before making a final decision. Ask about work history and how they maintain their dorm or home that they already have as you don’t want to live with someone who won’t share responsibilities.

Do Your Research

Look at the rules of each apartment you visit. Find out as much information as possible about the history of the apartment and any safety issues that have occurred. Read reviews left by other tenants to get a better idea for how members of the community interact together and how the tenants are treated by the apartment manager.


When you’re living in off-campus housing in Tallahassee, you want to make a budget to follow each month so that you can pay your bills on time and get the things that you’re going to need. Your budget should include income from financial aid as well as money that you earn from working. Some of the things that you want to budget for include rent, the electric bill, and groceries.

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