Getting Help for Work Comp in Lawyer in MN

When a person gets injured at work, he or she is usually subject to receiving workers’ compensation for the duration of the incident. Of course, each state varies on exactly how the workers’ compensation process goes. If you have any doubts or complaints about a workers’ compensation claim, don’t despair or leave everything to the hands of fate. Seek the legal advice of a workers’ compensation attorney. If you are in Minnesota, you can find the help you need for your Work Comp case. The worker’s compensation lawyer in MN will be able to answer some of the frequently asked questions people have about workers’ comp cases and/or issues.

1. The major question workers have is: “what happens if I get hurt at work?” The employer must be notified immediately, or as soon as the emergency is taken care of (if your injury is an emergency). A form will have to be filled out as soon as possible, too. OSHA has certain requirements for filing incidents according to the grade.

2. Some workers want to know what injuries are actually covered under workers’ compensation. All incidents that are caused, aggravated, or intensified by the work process are covered under workers’ comp.

3. Another question asked is: “what medical treatments are actually covered by workers’ comp?” The answer is that under Minnesota workers’ comp, the employer is required to furnish medical treatment for the employee, for injuries that are not only for hospital and/or surgical treatment, but also psychological, podiatric and chiropractic.

4. Workers ask how workers’ comp affects other benefits like FMLA, paid time off, sick leave, or vacation. These benefits cannot be used to cover injuries that happen because of workers’ comp. However, the accrual status of a particular benefit may be affected.

Malone & Atchinson has been offering clients over five decades of workers’ compensation representation in the State of Minnesota. They also take on social security disability cases and personal injury lawsuits. If you feel there has been a violation of your rights in a workers’ compensation incident, do not hesitate to get in touch with a lawyer whose specialty is workers’ comp law.

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