Get Ready to Roam with Trailer Service Placerville

The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and there are three-day weekends coming up. This is the perfect time to pack up the truck, load the jet skis or dirt bikes onto the trailer, and head out for some fun and relaxation. It is wise to take the trailer for preventative maintenance and safety inspection before that first trip. A stop for Trailer Service Placerville will be worth the time. Traveling down the highway is not the time to realize something is not quite right.


This component of Trailer Service in Placerville is crucial to a trip without accidents. The lights in the back of the trailer, the hitch, and any chains used to secure items in the trailer are all double checked to make sure the ride is smooth, there are no losses, and other drivers will see turn signals and brake lights. Starting off safe is the most important aspect of any road trip. Remember, in addition to cargo, the family will be along for the ride.


Much more than service is offered at experienced shops, such as Vintage Transport. Trailers of all sizes and types from top brands are available for sale. The current trailer may be too small if children are now teenagers with their own jet skis. Some people want to downsize because the kids are grown so there are fewer items that require a trailer. Those planning on staying close to home rather than fly to a destination for vacation will be in the market for their first trailer.


A cap for that truck bed, a car rack for the SUV, or a custom bed liner to protect the vehicle are a few examples of the accessories available. After thirty years in business, staff can help with selection, determining needs, and answers to any questions. Parts, custom fabricated trailers, and financing are also offered. Customers can Visit the website for details, or simply stop by to see what is new, different, and perfect for the needs of the family. Hit the open road with peace of mind that the trailer is in excellent condition and will make the journey without incident.

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