Get Better Lashes in Round Columbia SC

Thousands of women have eyelashes they are not happy with. But, they want a better solution than the false eyelashes available in drugstores or at discount stores. Now in South Carolina, ladies can contact Magnetic Lash Bash for Magnetic Lashes in Columbia SC. This and similar beauty Bars supply and apply eyelash and brow extensions, threading, waxing, other hair removal services, and other hair salon services. Eyelashes and eyebrows can be dyed to match a person’s other hair. The best version of Lashes in Round Columbia SC is now possible at reasonable rates.

Looking Good

Everyone enjoys looking good, looking the best that they can. Some people have naturally thin or short eyelashes or eyebrows. As women get older, they lose those lovely full ashes and are stuck with thin, short ones that are not impressive. But, they hate that caterpiller like false lashes available in retail stores. There are new choices at beauty bars for Lashes in Round Columbia SC. Choices involve curling and dying existing eyelashes, applying the new eyelash or eyebrow extensions, or a combination of enhancements.

The eyelash extensions come in several fibers including synthetic, synthetic silk, faux mink, and real mink. The lashes can be customized to different thicknesses, lengths, and curvature. They can also be dyed to match the rest of the customer’s hair. Women who want to work with their lashes can opt for a lash lift, a lash curl, and lash dying. Then extra hair around brows and other areas on the face can be removed by waxing or threading. There are even body waxing services.

Hair Services

The hair surrounding that beautiful face also needs to be properly cut and styled. The beauty bars such as Magnetic Lash Bash offer extensive hair services to their customers including blowouts, haircuts, styling, and shampooing. The hair can be colored with the latest color solutions. Hair can also receive Brazilian smoothing treatments.

A woman can enter the beauty bar looking average and leave looking spectacular. Go for everyday beauty or go for that party look. Get ready for a special date or go for a new look. For more information on Lashes, go to the website.

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