A Gay Dentist in Lake View Welcomes Patients Regardless of Orientation

Gay and lesbian individuals who have struggled with discrimination may be strongly motivated to take their business to organizations that are openly welcoming to these populations. Research has shown that lesbians and gay men sometimes face behavior that makes them uncomfortable at dental clinics, for example. These men and women may prefer appointments with a gay dentist in Lake View in the future.

A study conducted by a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine found that 8 percent of 355 respondents reported experiencing discrimination at a dental clinic. Even more, feel anxious about the possibility. The participants also included bisexual and transgender respondents. Rather than avoid going to the dentist, these individuals might decide to schedule an appointment with a gay dentist in Lake View.

The information on ads from a clinic like this, or even on the website, might not use terms like gay, lesbian, or LGBT. However, there may be photos of same-sex couples, making it clear that these patients should not feel hesitant about coming to this dental practice. Whether the goal is to have a checkup and professional teeth cleaning, dental health treatment, or cosmetic treatment, they can feel assured that they will be entirely comfortable here. For some patients, going to a dental clinic causes enough anxiety without having to worry about bias regarding sexual orientation.

Anyone who would like to schedule an appointment at a clinic that openly welcomes gay and lesbian patients may learn about Northalsted Dental Spa. You can contact contact them or visit them online.

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