Fun Facts About Propane Gas in Madison

Propane has a reputation for being a safe and reliable source of fuel and energy. That being said, it is a rather staid subject to broach in the minds of some. This is odd as there are actually many fun facts about propane gas in Madison.

  • The industry of propane gas was founded in Pennsylvania by a gentleman named Walter Snelling. He was the first to discover the incredible potential of this volatile gasoline element. He then realized that it could be exploited for the purposes of profit. And the rest, they say, is history.
  • Propane is non-toxic and presents no danger to soil or water supplies. On an annual basis, there are far less propane accidents than accidents caused by electricity.
  • Nearly 50 million homes and businesses in the United States use propane fuel to heat both water and space. Many farm vehicles use it for fuel and propane is a crucial component in the processes of refrigerating food, ripening fruit, and cultivating flame.
  • Propane furnaces are known to give off a more warm and cozy heat than are electric heaters. They also last nearly twice as long as electric furnaces, 20 years versus 12 years, on average.
  • Propane is a great choice when wanting to “go green!” It is not classified as a greenhouse gas so it does not have a negative effect in regards to global warming. Propane is extremely portable, it is pumped via pipeline that stretch out over 56,000 miles throughout North America.
  • Since propane is a very simple hydrocarbon, it is the cleanest burning of all the fossil fuels. In fact, when Propane Gas in Madison is fully combusted, the only two things formed are water vapor and carbon dioxide.
  • Since propane is completely odorless, an odorant additive is blended with it so that leaks can be detected.

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