Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Skunk Removal In Columbus OH

If you’ve discovered skunks living on your property or underneath your house, it’s best to contact a professional company that specializes in Skunk Removal in Columbus OH. In addition to leaving a foul odor behind, skunks like to dig, and they can cause damage to your landscaping. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about skunks and how to keep them from residing underneath your house.

Q.) Why do skunks like to live underneath houses and porches?

A.) Skunks normally take up residence underneath a house when the temperatures outside begin to drop and when they need a safe place to raise their babies. These areas are dry, quiet, and they provide shelter for the skunks.

Q.) What can homeowners do to keep skunks from living underneath the house or on the property?

A.) Skunks will look for food at night, and they often find it inside the garbage can. Outside trash cans should be securely fastened with a lid. Leaving pet food outside during the night also attracts skunks to the property. Homeowners should bring all pet food inside before it gets dark. Gardens are also appealing to skunks and homeowners can erect mesh wire fencing around the perimeter of their garden to keep the skunks out. To keep skunks from moving in underneath the house, homeowners can also install mesh wire at the entry points.

Q.) What does an animal control company do to get rid of the skunks?

A.) Animal control companies that specialize in Skunk Removal in Columbus OH catch the skunks in a humane trap and then release the animals in a safe area. An animal control professional places the trap close to where the skunks normally travel and puts food inside the trap. When the animal walks into the trap to get the food, the door on the cage shuts to keep the animal inside. The animal control professional collects the trap and takes the skunk to its new home.

If you have skunks under your house or on your property, contact the professionals at The Wildlife Control Company, Inc. Other nuisance animals that Your Ohio Wildlife Pro team can remove include raccoons and squirrels.

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