Frequently Asked Questions About Hornet Removal In Pittsburgh

When homeowners spot a hornet’s nest on their property, they should stay as far away from it as possible. The next step is to contact a professional who specializes in Hornet Removal in Pittsburgh. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn important information about hornets and having them removed.

How can homeowners differentiate between hornets and other stinging insects on their property?

Since some species of hornets closely resemble yellow jackets, it may be difficult for individuals to tell them apart. Hornets are black and white, and generally one to two inches in length with a circular abdomen and a larger head than a yellow jacket. Hornets build very large nests that are gray in color, and homeowners will usually see the nests hanging from a tree branch or in a bush.

Should individuals try to remove a hornet’s nest by themselves or hire a professional?

It’s very dangerous for untrained individuals to try and remove a hornet’s nest by themselves. A nest can contain many hornets at any given time, and these stinging insects will aggressively attack to protect their nest. The sting from a hornet is painful, and numerous stings can cause serious health concerns. It’s also possible for a single hornet to sting a person several times.

What should individuals do if they see a hornet’s nest on their property?

Individuals should never get close to a hornet’s nest and, if they’re near it before it’s spotted, they should quietly walk in the opposite direction. As soon as possible, individuals should contact a professional company that specializes in Hornet Removal in Pittsburgh.

Professionals have the necessary equipment and supplies to remove the hornets and the nest in a safe manner. Removal specialists often wear special suits that cover their bodies and protects them from the stings of angry hornets. After a professional removes the hornets and the nest, individuals won’t have to worry about dangerous stinging insects on their property.

Individuals who spot hornets on their property should contact The-Beeman as soon as possible to eradicate these dangerous, stinging insects. Visit the website to learn about stinging insect control and to contact the company for a free estimate.

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