First Line Of Defense: Precautions To Keep Your Pets Safe Before You Have To Take Them To A Pet Hospital Leawood KS

by | Aug 14, 2014 | Veterinarian

Pets, like their human owners, can experience medical emergencies for which they need urgent care. Today, Pet hospital Leawood KS services are available for times when your pet is having a health crisis. The expanding availability of these services is a good thing, but there is a lot pet owners can do day to day to prevent crisis before it strikes. This article offers good practices to keep your animal’s health in top shape.

Regular Exercise

All animals need a good amount of physical activity to keep their bodies functioning properly. For dogs, this means regular walks or runs. Young, active dogs should get at least one rigorous walk each day. Older dogs should still get physical activity, but an amount appropriate to their age. Don’t push your pet to exercise more than they can handle, and never right after meals. Cats and other animals also need plenty of room to run around, jump and climb. Also, providing toys to play with helps keep them happy and healthy.

Diet And Nutrition

Proper feeding habits will meet your pet’s nutritional needs and promote a healthy metabolism. Feeding your animals at irregular periods, or allowing them to eat as much as they want, can lead to heart and digestive disorders, obesity, and other types of diseases. Some animals are allergic to certain food ingredients. If your pet experiences sudden hair loss or starts getting scabs across their body, try to find foods with different ingredients. Wholesome ingredients include whole meats, grains and vegetables, while less healthy ingredients include gluten, corn meal and animal byproducts.

Provide A Safe Environment

Some items animals try to eat which are harmful include some household plants, coins, antifreeze that has spilled in your driveway, and chocolate for dogs. Also keep electric cords well out of reach of your pets. Most like to chew on them, and they can get electrocuted doing this. Additionally, animals do not ventilate as well as humans, so avoid leaving them in excessively hot rooms for any period of time. View website for more details.

Good pet owners do everything they can to look after their animal’s well being. But even while taking all the precautions discussed here and more, accidents will still occasionally happen.

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