Finding Basic Wholesale Cake Decorating Tools

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Shopping

Having the right equipment and kitchen tools for baking is an important part of being able to create professional looking cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, cookies and other types of baked goods. Finding wholesale cake decorating tools allows the home baker to have the same supplies as the professionals without paying premium prices.

By choosing wholesale cake decorating tools from specialty cake and baking suppliers, home bakers can select from the equipment used by the pros. This makes it easier to watch online tutorials or even the many different cooking and baking shows and copy exactly how specific techniques are used to create amazing looking cakes and cupcakes.

The Basics

There are several different types of wholesale cake decorating tools offered at N.Y Cake. Ideally, buying a full set of any one type of tool gives you the best selection in choosing which brushes, piping tips, turntables, scrapers, spatulas and measuring tools to use.

This is particularly true with the piping tips. While there are individual tips sold, buying the set allows you to have the right tips on hand to create flowers, swirls, rosettes, fleur de lis, stars, shells and a range of other classic and modern shapes. Standard piping ends or tips can be used to create ribbons, piping and edging for cake decorating.

Keep in mind chocolate decorating requires a different type of tool and tip. Trying to use cake decorating tools with chocolate quickly becomes frustrating. Some tools, such as brushes, zesters, Microplane graters and other types of tools can be used for cake decorating as well as a wide number of other applications around the kitchen.

When shopping at a wholesaler that caters to both home bakers as well as bakeries, it is possible to choose from the same tools the professionals use. For anyone who wants to create beautiful cakes from home, this is an essential factor in choosing both basic as well as advanced types of decorating tools.

At N.Y Cake, we offer a full selection of professional grade wholesale cake decorating tools for the home baker. To find out more or to browse our inventory, see us online.

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