Beauty of a Chandelier

Delicate beauty is sometime difficult to achieve even when you have luxurious materials like silk and satin. It is even more difficult to create a delicate beauty with rigid materials like brass and copper. Is it even possible? Frequently here in Victoria, BC, we enter into a space and are blown away. The paint, the design, the artistry—these elements add to the beauty of a space, but there is also an element that adds delicate beauty and style in a somewhat unconventional way, a chandelier. These works of art are great ways to add a special design element to any space. They can become the focal point of a room or serve to enhance a theme or feeling for a specific environment.

Suspended Elegance

A chandelier is made of various materials and can have any kind of design. Typically, it has more than one light but it isn’t confined to that design. It is frequently put in a room to serve two basic purposes, to be a focal point or to highlight a focal point. If you are thinking about purchasing a chandelier, it is important to understand the function of the fixture.

Style Enhanced

Having a chandelier adds to a room’s design. Imagine you are having a dinner party and are expecting seven guests. The table is set with fine china, crystal stemware, silverware and a small bouquet in the middle. It looks absolutely amazing. Now, imagine above it is a light fixture that looks like a sprawling galaxy of stars twinkling above the table. The light is on a dimmer so it is set to the perfect low, but not too low, setting. Now the room takes on a totally new dimension and will make your guests feel like they have entered an entirely new space. That is the power of a thoughtfully designed and placed chandelier.

It is important to keep in mind the overall style and feel you want for a room when thinking about what kind of chandelier to purchase. It has the power to build up the beauty and grace of a space. A poorly selected chandelier can detract from the overall feel of a space and leave the viewer confused. No doubt having a chandelier can add a special touch. It can light up a room in many different ways with its delicate beauty and timeless elegance.

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