Finding A Great Electronic Cigarette Creamy Flavor

There are many different categories of e-cig flavors, and everyone has their own personal favorite. For most people who enjoy vaping, there are some flavors that are a given to enjoy for those special times. One of the top goals for many people is to find the perfect electronic cigarette creamy flavor.

The benefits of finding a great tasting electronic cigarette creamy flavor are that this is really an anytime vaping experience. It is not too sweet, yet also not sour, and tends to have a smooth vaping experience and an equally smooth finish. The cream or the custard to milk flavor is not the dominant flavor, but it is the smooth taste that underlies the dominant taste.

Think of the best electronic cigarette creamy flavor as a piece of your favorite pie with whipping cream on top. The cream flavor enhances the primary flavor of the pastry and the fruit; it is not the taste that is most noticeable when you take that first delicious bite.

There are a very few brands that offer a sweet cream flavored vape on its own. This is often used by experienced vapers to make their own custom blends, which is becoming a very popular option. It is great mixed with French vanilla to make a vanilla ice cream flavored vape.

Your Choice of Flavors

When it comes to electronic cigarette creamy flavor options, you will find virtually all e-cig juice brands offer something. Some of the most common include strawberries and cream, orange creamsicle or berries and cream option. Banana cream pie, vanilla custard, and Boston cream pie are dessert-flavored options that really have a wonderful creamy taste.

Other options in a creamy base flavor include coffee and cream or pastry and cream, or just about any dessert or candy flavored option with a cream base. Other options to create a delicious blend of electronic cigarette creamy flavor include any of the liqueur flavored vapes including Crème de Menthe, Amaretto, Irish Cream, Chocolate Mint, Kahlua and a White Russian blend.

The Options

In many of the dessert flavored vapes, you will find a slight hint of a very rich electronic cigarette creamy flavor that brings out the overall taste. This is common in the cheesecake varieties of e-juice as well as anything like vanilla cupcake or vanilla cake and icing combinations.

The best thing to do is to try out several electronic cigarette creamy flavor options and find a brand and a flavor combination that works for your taste. Remember that these flavors often become more pronounced with steeping, so you may want to give it a few days to develop fully before trying.

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