Filing A Claim For Workplace Violence With Workers Compensation Lawyers In Burlington, VT

In Vermont, workplace violence is unpredictable and could occur at any time. The events require the employer to act quickly and mitigate further risks. Any failure to protect the workers deems the employer liable for all injuries. Workers Compensation Lawyers in Burlington VT prepare claims for workers who sustained injuries due to workplace violence.

Who Caused the Victim’s Injuries?

Initially, the other party is liable for the worker’s injuries. However, the employer is responsible for keeping all workers safe at all times. The employer must follow necessary safety regulations and hire security officers to keep out dangerous individuals. The security guards are responsible for assessing potential risks and preventing unauthorized access to the workplace.

Was the Victim Involved in the Crime?

A worker’s compensation claim isn’t available for any workers who were involved in criminal activity. For example, workers who are involved in altercations won’t receive worker’s compensation for their injuries. The company policy defines what activities prevent eligibility for the benefits.

What are Instances of Workplace Violence?

Altercations are the most common workplace violence. Tempers flare, and workers may come to blows without warning. Intrusions may also occur in some work environments and lead to serious injuries. For example, unauthorized individuals who enter health clinics become violence toward doctors who perform abortions. The instances are covered under worker’s compensation in addition to criminal law. Workers who are injured due to violent acts are eligible for worker’s compensation benefits.

How are Workers Compensated?

The workers receive payments for all medical treatments after the violent act. Workers who aren’t able to return to work immediately receive monetary benefits to replace their wages. If the workers have long-term injuries, the policy provides ongoing monetary payments based on the policy’s limits. If the injuries become disabilities, the worker will receive a larger settlement through the insurer.

In Vermont, workplace violence occurs due to worker altercations and former and disgruntled employees. Unauthorized visitors could also turn violent based on the services performed by the company. Employers must mitigate common risks by hiring adequate security for the property. Workers who are denied benefits contact Workers Compensation Lawyers in Burlington VT at McVeigh Skiff LLP for more details now.

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