Factors To Consider When Hiring A Moving Company

There are many different factors that should be carefully considered when choosing a long distance moving company. Long distance, state to state or even cross country moves require additional care when selecting a company to handle your move.

There are several reasons why this is true. First, your possessions are going to be with the movers for a much longer period than just a drive across town or to a neighboring city. Secondly, the possessions are going to be on a truck traveling across the country for several days or weeks. You want to have an experienced, professional moving company with a national presence to be able to handle any possible issues that may arise

A few of the important factors to consider when comparing long distance relocation services are listed below. They aren’t in any particular order as each is equally important as a point to consider.


You will need to have a moving company that can meet your moving schedule. This is typically most critical for the pickup aspect of the schedule as you will have to be out of your current residence on a specific date.

The last thing you need is a relocation service that forgets to send a truck or that overbooks their movers and calls at the last minute to say they will be a day or two later.

Mover Training and Experience

Always verify with the company their movers are trained, licensed and insured. Training is important to safely and effectively move and pack your items so there is no damage. It is also important in packing and loading the truck to avoid any damage from loads that shift and cause damage while on the truck.

Some moving companies use day labor. Ask the movers if they have employees that handle the moving or if they hire from temp services on online ads at the delivery location.

Services Offered

Quality moving services will provide information on the service they offer to make your move easier. This typically includes packing services and storage if required. The companies won’t push these services but rather let you know they are available should you need them.


Price will always be a consideration for any move. However, the best and most professional movers are typically competitively priced and affordable. Always choose movers offering a free quote and try to compare at least three different movers to get the best range of price, services and professionalism.

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