EMN Australia—Delivering Innovative IT Solutions Since 2013

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Computer and Internet

EMN Australia Pty Ltd first entered the market in 2013 as a subsidiary to the multinational EMN Corporation. This Australian consulting service offers vast expertise to help companies improve business practices and build information technology (IT) platforms and information technology enabled services (ITES) to meet the increasing demands for advanced computing capabilities. This consulting service counts among its clientele companies from around the world, including Fortune 500 businesses.

EMN offers a premier global delivery platform for technology, business and process solutions but maintains its people-oriented focus. Thus, EMN offers education consulting to help companies develop learning structures and provide training to improve employee productivity, which leads to better business outcomes. It is a leader in capability maturity model integration (CMMI), a training model designed to streamline processes and increase staff capabilities.

EMN Australia is at the leading edge of the increasingly worldwide focus on cloud computing and data-driven solutions. The company provides consulting to help businesses with IT standardization and improvement, ensuring that IT systems meet international standards and are flexible, cutting-edge and in line with business needs. Consulting focuses include infrastructure convergence, which improves system performance and reduces expensive compatibility issues among networks, servers and storage systems. EMN uses several methodologies to help businesses improve their IT platforms, including ITIL (information technology information structure library) and agile project management.

Other specialties of EMN include domain capabilities and outsourcing of business, knowledge and legal processes. EMN can also improve clients’ business practices by delivering solutions to cut waste and expenditures through the Six Sigma approach. Other services include certification training, appraisals and performance benchmarking to help employees and businesses fulfill their maximum potential.

Although EMN’s portfolio includes industry leaders, this consulting service also delivers innovative solutions to small companies, bringing global strategies to regional and local levels. With an eye to promoting happiness and increasing value for clients, employees and shareholders alike, EMN Australia is truly a global leader in innovative IT solutions.

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