Factors to Consider when Choosing Medical Office Space in Newnan, GA

Finding the right medical office space is a very important task. This is because the space chosen will impact heavily on the doctor’s daily routine as well as other things including patronage, profitability, and accessibility.

It is important for medical practitioners to look for office spaces that suit their needs. Some kinds of medical practice require the incorporation of specific features into their Medical Office Space in Newnan GA.

It is best that the medical practitioner looks for an office space that possesses such features. The following are factors influencing the choice of a medical office space.


Doctors prefer office spaces that are very close to highways and major road networks. This enables their patients to find them easily. If the medical office space is located in an area that is difficult to access, there may be a loss of patronage. And, for patients who require emergency services, such hard-to-find locations may prove fatal.


Medical office spaces require adequate parking for their patients. To avoid congestion, the recommended parking space ratio for medical offices is four parking spots per thousand square feet. There should also be reserved parking for physicians and key employees.


Doctors prefer office spaces that are very close to heavily populated areas. Such areas usually have more patients. The demographic of the area is an important consideration. A medical practice focused on obstetrics shouldn’t be located in an area with a large population of seniors.


Medical practitioners usually choose spaces that are close to other medical practices. This gives them the opportunity to inter-refer patients. For instance, a physician who specializes in family medicine may have to refer patients to orthopedics or cardiology. Having such practices in the same building is more convenient for the patient.


In many cases, the medical practitioner prefers to rent office space in buildings where the landlord agrees to restrict leasing to similar medical practices. This reduces competition and ensures the practitioner gets all the patients. However, this requirement isn’t essential. Competing practices can always rent office spaces in the next building.

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