Experienced Roofing Companies in Nashville Can Help Keep Your Home Dry and Protected

People spend a lot of time and money caring for the exterior of their home and lawn, but they often forget one of its most visible features, the roof. Like any exterior portion of the home the roof is exposed to the elements and nature is the biggest cause of exterior degradation. This is visible with asphalt shingles in the fading that occurs over the years. Unfortunately, this aging affects more than just the roof’s appearance. As asphalt shingles dry out they can curl or pull away from each other. This allows rain, sleet or snow to accumulate under the roofing which leads to even further damage.

One of the best services that roofing companies in Nashville can provide is roofing inspections. An inspection can determine whether a roof is leaking or if that roof is in need of new shingles. Your roofer will look for signs of structural decay, rotting decking, leaks around vents and dried out sealants. These inspections are important and should be done at least every five years. More often if your home has endured severe storms and high winds. All it takes is one serious leak to cause a lot of damage to your house.

Once the roofing reaches a certain point your only option is to replace it. Your next decision will be what to replace it with. You have several choices. The most common is asphalt shingles because they are very affordable. Asphalt typically provides a roof that lasts twenty to twenty five years. Another alternative is zinc galvanized steel. This isn’t the corrugated steel that you may be familiar with. In fact, steel roofing can simulate almost any other type of roofing available. Imagine your home having the look of cedar shake without the concern for high flammability. Steel roofing lasts at least fifty years under normal conditions.

Keeping your home dry is an essential function in its protection, but ensuring it looks great is important as well. You can manage this with the right roofing installed by experienced roofing companies in Nashville. No matter which option you select, asphalt shingles, steel roofing, cement tiles or clay tiles it is important to ensure the contractor knows how to install them. Discuss your options before hand and you won’t be disappointed.

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