Essential Questions To Ask when Hiring Residential Roofers in Fleming Island FL

Prior to hiring Residential Roofers in Fleming Island FL, there are specific questions that should be asked. If a sub-par roofer is found, it may mean that the homeowner experiences more problems and the needs for additional roof repairs down the road. This results in more time and money spent on the roof, which could be avoided by finding the right company to begin with. Some of the questions to ask a roofer prior to hiring them are found here.

What are the roofing company’s full name and physical address?

Requesting the full name and the address of the roofing company is essential. If they use a post office box, be sure to reiterate that an actual, physical address is needed. Any company that does not have this type of location is a definite red flag. In most cases, moving on to another company if this is the situation is highly advisable.

Are they insured?

Residential Roofers in Fleming Island FL should have liability and workman’s compensation insurance to ensure their customers are protected if an accident occurs. The workers’ compensation coverage will protect the homeowner if the employee of the roofing company is hurt while liability will protect from damage that was caused by roofers during the replacement or repair process.

If the service does not carry insurance, the homeowner may wind up responsible for medical costs, as well as other costs that are associated with the injury.

Do they use subcontractors for the work?

It is important to ask if any part of the roofing repair or replacement will be done by a subcontractor. If it will, then be sure to ask the same questions here to the subcontractor. Be sure to ask whether or not the subcontractor is insured.

More information about professional roofing services is available from the website page. Take some time to make sure the right company is hired for the job. Doing this will pay off and help ensure that the right roofer for the job is found and hired. Failure to take some time to find the right contractor can lead to a number of issues down the road.

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