Do You Need To Hire A Roofer?

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Roofing

When your roof needs replacing or repairing you need to be very careful, you want to be as critical when you choose the roofer as you are when you choose your dentist or doctor. There is no doubt that you want a roofer in Downers Grove that employs capable people and it is understood that you will need to take time to evaluate the various offers you receive. How can you go about making the best choice, how do you know in advance the company is truly professional and not a fly-by-night operation?

The answer is quite simple; you must personally interview the companies. It doesn’t matter if you interview the company owner or a sales person, you will be looking for people that are enthusiastic about what they do and proud of what they have done for other clients. When you meet with the candidates, get answers to the following:

    *   Get the company’s full name and address: if you can find a qualified company reasonably close to your home chances are you will get better and quicker service.

    *   Insurance: make sure the company carries both workers comp and liability insurance. Working at heights can be dangerous, even for those who are accustomed to it, if a roofer should fall and be injured you will be liable if the company is not properly insured. Ask to see copies of their current insurance certificates to be sure.

    *   Length of time in business: All things being equal, the longer the candidate company has been in business the better. Of course, every roofer has to start somewhere so don’t necessarily discount a company that is young just because of this.

    *   Can you get referrals? Any roofer in Downers Grove that is proud of the work they do will be happy to provide you the names of past customers. Get a few, including phone numbers; give them a call and see if you can drop by and have a look at the workmanship. While you are there find out if the crew arrived on time, was the company responsive when you had questions and did the company give you the impression that your satisfaction was of the utmost importance?

    *   What warranty does the company offer on workmanship? The manufacturer of the roofing materials will warrant the product, but to do so the installation must have been done correctly. Find out what warranty the roofer in Downers Grove offers on workmanship, usually a year is sufficient because any problems will normally show up long before that.

Once you gather this type of information and couple it with their adherence to local licensing requirements you can make an intelligent decision based on quality, reliability and workmanship.

When you are looking for a roofer in Downers Grove that meets all of these criteria and more, you are invited to contact Showalter Roofing Service Inc.

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