Essential Information About Trademark Law

Trademark law is one of the three branches of Intellectual Property Law. It is a law that protects names or trademarks that are used in connection with a product or merchandise. A trademark can be a word, phrase, image, sound, color, icon or a method of packaging that is used by an organization or corporation for an easy recognition of their goods and services that will differentiate the from other organizations or corporations. Services are different from products and are usually identified by a service-mark that is similar to a trademark.

A Brief Historical Background of Trademark Law
Trademark law was founded by the Englishmen in the early 13th century to protect consumers from counterfeit goods. Later in the 19th century, the governments of the United States established bodies that were responsible for registering trademarks.

The Importance of Trademark Law
Typically, the trademark laws protect companies from the unlawful use of a product, and guarantees consumers that the products they are buying are made by the same manufacturer, and are not counterfeit products. Trademark law aims to protect the reputation of the real manufacturer and also guarantees them that the imitators will take advantage of their products.

Trademark law also affects creative artists such as designers, writers or authors. It gives creative artists and their business great protection from the illegal use of a trademark as long as it does not mislead the public that the use was endorsed by the owner of the trademark. The law also helps creative artists to protect their titles, literally characters, domain names and trade address.

Trademark law protects the mishandling of an author’s name. This means that the author has the right to take a legal action if their role to a literary piece.

Trade law is generally concerned with the promotion of corporate integrity. If you feel that your trademark rights have been violated, contact qualified intellectual property law such as Edward L White PC Attorney At Law. These lawyers have an adequate knowledge of the Intellectual Property Law and will help you fight for your rights the easy way.
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