Essential Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Women experience a lot of hormonal changes during the pregnancy period; and this is a rather essential phenomenon that ensures proper growth and development of the fetus. At this time, you will experience an increase in the level of hormone progesterone which in turn increases your likelihood of developing dental diseases caused by bacteria. Therefore, it is important that you inform your dentist in West Bloomfield of your new condition so that they can recommend the appropriate dental care routine.

Regular Checks

Having a regular routine check-up for your teeth is vital to maintaining dental health and hygiene. If you are looking forward to getting pregnant, make sure that your dental issues are addressed by a qualified dentist in West Bloomfield before you actually get pregnant. This way, you can be treated beforehand in order to prevent such problems from arising when you are carrying your baby. Once you get pregnant, make sure that you increase the number of times you visit your dentist in West Bloomfield so as to identify and treat any diseases as soon as they arise.

Pregnancy Period

It is important to note that there are periods during pregnancy in which you should avoid undergoing treatments even if your teeth are ailing. The period during the first trimester and the late third trimester are very important for the development of the fetus in the womb; therefore, any procedure by a dentist in West Bloomfield that can cause harm to the mother and the baby should be avoided at all costs. These include x-ray procedures and medicinal drugs with potentially harmful ingredients.

Preferred Duration of Treatment

The best time for a dentist in West Bloomfield to prescribe dental medication or treatment procedures is during the second trimester all the way into the early third trimester. Ensure that your dentist is aware of all the relevant information regarding your condition so that they can make an informed choice to that effect. In many instances, your medical history and previous records will also be required during treatment.

Improve Dental Care

Inquire from your dentist in West Bloomfield on the best way to maintain your dental hygiene. Have him recommend the best toothpaste and toothbrush to use for thorough cleaning every day so as to get rid of the bacteria. Also, have a well-balanced diet that consists of nutrients that are essential in the development and strengthening of teeth and jaws.

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