Enjoy Glowing Skin While Reducing Sagginess Without Chemicals Near Chicago

Were you thinking about getting a full-face threading in Chicago, but have questions? Call the number below to request a consultation. Learn about advanced aesthetic threads that provide subtle yet effective skin lifting.

Benefits of Full-Face Threading

Full-face threading is safe and practical and can help remove unwanted hair from the face. The procedure is more affordable than other hair loss removal procedures and is excellent for sensitive skin. More benefits include the following:

  • Minimal redness or irritation

  • Hair won’t grow back fast

  • Prevents the production of thicker hair

  • And more

Usually, only one procedure is necessary. For maximum results, though, maintenance procedures may need to be performed once or twice a year. Click the link below for a more thorough explanation of the benefits and process.

What to Expect

We can restore that youthful, radiant skin with affordable full-face threading in Chicago that produces beautiful results. The procedure is simple and should begin with a consultation to discuss some of the following topics:

  • Your aesthetic goals

  • Medical conditions, drug allergies, previous medical treatments, and any problems you have had with your eyes

  • Current prescription medications, including vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol and tobacco, and drug use

  • And more

A thread lift procedure includes the following steps:

  • Anesthesia

  • The incision

  • Passing the threads

  • Enjoying the results

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Contact Liposuction And Cosmetic Surgery Institute if you need full face threading in Chicago. Visit LipoDoc.com for more information!

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