How to Install an Interior Door in Hialeah FL

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Interior Designers

Whether it’s a new installation or the replacement of an old or damaged door, the installation of an Interior Door in Hialeah FL is an easy task. It requires just a few tools which can be bought or rented. The best and easiest option for installation is a pre-hung door or a door which has already been attached to the frame.

Before buying the door, ensure that the opening on the wall is carefully measured. This is to prevent purchasing a door which is either too big or too small for the opening. Since most doors come in standard sizes, this makes the task a bit easier. After purchasing the door, a plumb line must then be drawn on the wall. The six installation brackets of the door should be attached outside the door jamb. The door jamb is the wooden frame to which the door itself has been pre-attached. A bracket should be placed behind the three hinges. The three remaining brackets are to be attached to the jamb’s other side. After this, the door should be inserted into the opening and placed on top of shims or blocks. The door should never be directly placed on top of an unfinished floor.

The brackets can now be screwed in. The top bracket should first be screwed in along the plumb line which was drawn on the wall. After the next two brackets have been screwed in, the door should now be level. The gap between the door jamb and the door should always be checked as the remaining three brackets are screwed in. Once the six brackets have been screwed in, the door is now hung and the shims or blocks can be removed.

The casing or trim can now be put on the installed door. Their function is to conceal the brackets which were used to install the door. A casing that completes the style of the room should be chosen and cut to the specifications of the owner. If the above steps are too complicated, Visit the to get more information on installation of Door in Hialeah FL.

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