Enjoy Fruit and Nut Cakes All Year Long

Most people think fruit cakes, or fruit and nut cakes, can only be enjoyed during the winter season. That is not so. Anyone can enjoy a wedge of this delectable cake any time of year.

History of Fruit and Nut Cakes

Fruit and nut cakes date all the way back to ancient Rome. The Romans would mix together raisins, pine nuts, and pomegranate seeds into a cake to made out of barley mash. During the Middle Ages spices, honey, and preserved fruit were added which, in turn, provided ample sustenance to soldiers on the battlefield.

During the 1400s, the British discovered their love of this delicious concoction and elevated the cake to royal status. By the 18th century, these cakes became synonymous with decadence and were briefly outlawed in all of Europe where it was proclaimed “sinfully rich.”

By the 19th century, these rich and tasty treats made a comeback and were fashionable as a traditional wedding cake.

Fruit cakes have not changed much since then, and they continue to be as popular today as they were during the 19th century.

Holiday Fruit Cakes

During the holiday season, these cakes can make any dessert table merry and bright.

For many, fruit cakes bring back childhood memories of grandma baking in her kitchen. The sweet aroma of these home-baked treats always made holidays special.

Summer Fruit and Nut Cakes

There are numerous opportunities to indulge a sweet tooth during summer time. Fruit and nut cakes filled will sweet fruit are a cool treat for those late summer evenings.

Summertime is also peak time for weddings and, for some, fruit cakes have a long-standing tradition of being the favorite wedding cake. Slices of these fanciful fruit and nut cakes served during the wedding reception symbolizes wealth, prosperity and a long, happy life together.

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