Does Alcohol Quality Matter in Rum Fruit Cake?

You may have wondered if higher quality alcohol could make for a more flavorsome rum fruit cake. The general consensus is that you should never add alcohol that you would not drink to the food that you cook. However, many people wonder if this rule of thumb also applies to baked goods.

What Makes Good Fruit Cake?

You are probably aware of all the jokes about bad fruit cake, but not all fruit cake is bad. With the right ingredients, rum fruit cake is actually a delicious treat to be enjoyed by all.

The fruit cake was first introduced to the world as a way to preserve fruit before the days of refrigeration. The fruit is soaked in rum for a tasty fruit cake. The result is a refined, fragrant blend of flavor.

Different Tastes

The question is whether a rum fruit cake made with less expensive alcohol tastes just as yummy as one that is made with premium alcohol. The expense of using top-shelf rum may have a better flavor throughout the baking process, but the difference may dissipate in the end.

A cake made using top-shelf rum compared to one made with cheaper booze baked in the exact same manner will both come out of the oven moist. When the cakes are ready to eat, a small difference may be present.

The cake made with the top-shelf alcohol will have flavors that are somewhat more complex. In addition, the alcohol will also be somewhat hotter.

It is important to remember that the flavor of a rum fruit cake will develop over time. The differences that are noticed just a couple of days after the cake is made will mellow over time.

In conclusion, more expensive alcohol does offer a more delicate flavor profile. However, the difference may not be great enough to warrant the extra expense of top-shelf liquor.

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