Effective Selling Tips For Small Business Trade Shows

One of the great things about buying a booth at the Small Business Expo trade show in your area is you have the opportunity to sell right from your booth. You can also provide literature, demonstrations, and hands-on activities for visitors as well as spend time in talking with new clients.

However, turning visitors to your booth into buyers is not always a simple process. This is because of the very nature of small business trade shows where a potential customer’s attention can be easily distracted.

There are a few simple factors to keep in mind to convert those visitors to customers on the spot. Of course, the overall look of your booth is the first thing to draw them in, but once they are at the table it is up to you.

Give a Clear Reason to Buy

At any small business trade shows attendees are there to buy and there to learn. By providing both education as well as the understanding of the value of your product you will have no problem in making a sale.

A good idea is to have someone not familiar with your products look at your booth for five seconds and then look away. Ask them what they remember, what the product was and how the product would make their life easier. If they can’t answer the question changing the graphics, message, image and information on your booth may be the key to boosting sales.

Display is Everything

People are naturally attracted by the unique, unusual, different and exciting. This means having products out of boxes, cases and covers so you are not just providing boring and uninspiring packaging for your visitors to see.

If you are selling a product or a service which can’t be displayed at small business trade shows, consider a multimedia approach. This allows you to loop informational videos, YouTube presentations, or even audio recordings with images to create a more dimensional look to a product.

Create a Fun Space

Trade shows are fun events everyone should enjoy. This is important for presenters as well. If you are using your staff to man your booth make sure they have the personality to match with greeting new people, highlighting your products, and adding the personal rapport so important in business relationship building.

Keep in mind if you are new to small business expos you can always find out more at our website. We provide a full exhibitor’s manual for your convenience outlining everything you will need to do, step by step, which you can review before or after you select and register for your booth package.

We also provide a simple template you can email to invite all your clients and currents customers. Since attendance is free your customers are sure to thank you for the opportunity to attend.

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