Easily Manage Your Real Estate Transactions with Reesio

As a real estate broker are you searching for a better way to manage transactions? The answer is Reesio, a real estate transaction management system that is perfect for busy real estate professionals. Their mobile friendly design is easy to use and can help to streamline online transactions, eliminate unnecessary paperwork, manual processes, and reduce any legal liability. Essentially it’s a broker’s dream. Just think, as a broker you’ll have full visibility into all transactions within your brokerage.

A Transaction Management System Allows You To:

   * Manage Documents
   * Create Transactions with MLS Data
   * Use ZipForm Integration
   * Use E-Signature Integration
   * Use CRM Integration
   * Manage Contact Data
   * View and Store Commission Data
   * Create Real-Time Notifications
   * Utilize Unlimited Storage
   * Take Advantage of Secure Data Protection

The Benefits of Reesio Are Numerous

With a cloud-based transaction management system at your fingertips for brokers, agents, clients and even vendors you can easily store, e-sign, share, and manage documents and workflows. The benefits are numerous and will support a real estate brokerage trying to keep track of multiple agents. When you choose this type of software, you’re making a great decision for your entire firm. You will also enjoy a reduced amount of liabiity and errors when using a controlled approval process with detailed activity logs. You can even manage the permissions for each member of your brokerage.

Manage Tasks and Workflows Easily

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to define your workflow with custom templates and task lists? Not only does it make it clear the tasks that need to be accomplished, you can customize templates to suit your brokerage. Consider how difficult document management is without the use of a cloud-based system. It can be problematic to keep track of a ton of paperwork verses being able to find signed documentes via the cloud quickly and easily. With a transaction management system you can store, e-sign, slit and spice documents, and share them. To know more information visit us website

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