Early Warning Signs Your Boiler May Fail

It is cold in the winter in Chicago, and keeping your building warm is an important task. You rely on your boiler to keep things warm and safe for many months of the year. Frozen pipes and tenants suing you are all potential troubles that come your way if your boiler fails in the dead a winter. There are some things to look for to prevent a catastrophe from happening.

How Old is The Equipment?

Age is a huge factor in boiler failures, and eventually even the best maintained boilers will stop working. In some cases, boiler failure can just the heating equipment failing. Other times it is much more destructive, and the pressure unit can fail. This is going to cause property damage, and can also injure or kill people if they are in the vicinity during the explosion. When your boiler is getting closer to 15 years old, or if you are unsure of its maintenance history, you may want to consider replacing it.

Uneven Heat Throughout the Property

Another telltale sign that your boiler isn’t working as well as it should be is when you start finding your building to be unevenly heated. If you notice that your boiler keeps some rooms warm but can’t touch the chill in others, you will want to look into boiler repair in Chicago. An older boiler may need to be replaced, but newer ones may just require a cleaning or other repairs.

Increase in Your Heating Costs

Poor efficiency is the most common sign of a near future failure. When a boiler is not running well, it will take more energy to keep your building appropriately heated. You can clearly see that on your utility bill. Paying attention to trends in your usage can help you reduce building maintenance costs, and also alert you to potential issues before the failure happens.

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