Does Your Yard Need Honey Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA?

In the forest and other areas away from people, honey bees are beneficial insects that pollinate flowers. When they move into the city, however, they can become a serious problem, especially if they are near homes. In such cases, professional Honey Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA may be necessary. Here are some of the kinds of trouble that honey bees can cause if they’re not dealt with quickly.

Watch Out for Stings

When honey bees are in a location where they will frequently encounter people, the result can be someone getting stung. As the bees fly around, they may bump into a homeowner who is heading out to work and give a painful sting that makes the day get off to a bad start. Or someone who is mowing the yard could pass by a tree or other area where a hive is and be attacked by a lot of bees at once. Bee stings are especially a concern for families with children or pets who may have a harder time escaping from an angry swarm. Sometimes bees will even find a way into a house, where they will put people at risk more directly than outdoors. It is very unpleasant to have bees fly in while eating dinner or doing other daily activities in the home. Because of this, it is important that a hive of bees be removed immediately so that no one who lives in the home has to worry about what will happen if they encounter one or more of the bees.

Surprising Damage

When most people think of a honey bee hive, they imagine it being in a tree or some other outdoor location. Honey bees can, however, move in just about anywhere, including the inside of a shed or in the attic of a home. As their colony and hive grow bigger over time, it can cause a surprising amount of damage to a structure. Removing the hive quickly will help to prevent a property from being harmed. If any bees are seen going into an attic or other structure, the problem should be dealt with before serious damage can occur.

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