Finding The Best Mastectomy Sports Bras After Cancer Surgery

After undergoing breast surgery as a result of cancer and chemotherapy there are different types of bras that a woman will need. Understanding the way that her body is going to chance and being informed and prepared to meet those changes can help make the process a bit easier to undergo. Here are some things that you need to know about bras after breast surgery and mastectomy sports bras.

Bras Needed for Immediately After Surgery

Right after a woman goes through a mastectomy she will be wearing a wrap that the doctors put on to cover and protect the wound. After that many women like to wear a specially made tank top that has pockets in it for drains. These make it easier for women to move about comfortably without worrying about their drains getting snagged on something or drooping outside of their clothing. Once the drains are removed many women like to continue to wear a loos tank top for extra comfort.

Finding Bras That Fit

If you plan on getting reconstruction and implants, then you will go through several phases of breast size. Many women prefer to wear mastectomy sports bras during this time because they are comfortable, non-restrictive and offer good support. After surgery finding a good bra is a lot more difficult than it was before surgery. Regular bras are not geared for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery. These bras either hike up your chest and rub the wrong way or the empty side will puff out causing a weird silhouette. Other bras may dig into your wound area causing discomfort. This is why sports are so popular. They are soft and comfortable and will not cause the problems that other bras can.

Choosing the Right Bra

Finding the right bra after surgery is very important. Women who wear foam or silicone prosthesis prefer to use bras that are specially made to accommodate them. Special cancer bras have pockets inside of the cup of the bra where women can insert their prosthesis or foam padding. Having a pocket to put them in makes women feel more comfortable and secure because they will not have to worry about a foam pad slipping out of their bra or moving around. This is not only easier and more practical but it is also more comfortable on the wound not to have something rubbing back and forth against it all day.

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