Create the Picturesque Lawn You Have in Mind with a Tree Service in East Lyme, CT

Having a big, beautiful yard filled with lush, towering shade trees is a dream come true for many. Taking the dream from vision to reality, though, could be an entirely different matter. Simply planting saplings in various spots where you’d like to have a full-grown example of arboreal majesty could generate less-than-impressive results. You could say choosing just the right places for your seedlings is an art, and a professional tree service in East Lyme CT may have the proficiency it takes to create the picturesque landscape you have in mind.

Spacing is one of the most common mistakes amateurs make when planting trees. A fine line exists between eventually achieving full shade cover and overcrowding those saplings to the point where they choke each other out after a few years. Another question homeowners face is depth. If you fail to plant a tree deeply enough, it’ll blow over with the first major storm of the season. On the other hand, if it’s planted too deeply, it may not thrive at all. That ideal depth isn’t the same for all species, though, so thorough knowledge of those differences is necessary for optimum growth.

Once those trees are in the ground, they can’t be forgotten. A tree service in East Lyme CT offers maintenance in addition to expert advice on just the right depth and spacing. Trimming will be needed to remove limbs growing too close to the ground for your preferences and ensure fuller growth. Pruning entails removing dead or diseased limbs and roots. Both affect the health as well as the appearance of your trees, and further maintenance services are offered to help control the amount of shade they ultimately provide.

In the event your trees begin spreading out toward power lines, or new lines are installed after your trees are planted, branches will need to be trimmed away for safety purposes. Power companies will gladly perform this service for you, but their work tends to be more of a hack job than a professional reshaping. Calling in an arborist would be more beneficial for your dream yard. Click here to schedule a consultation with an arborist or learn more about the services they offer.

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