Does Insurance Cover Auto Body Repair in New Jersey?

Auto body repair needs can arise whether you have been in an at-fault collision or not. The need for auto body repair can arise during or after a heavy storm, when power lines or trees can be down or when debris flies into your car and causes anything from a small ding to more serious damage such as taking out a window or windshield. Vandalism is also a common problem in New Jersey that can include anything from having a car keyed in a parking lot to people deliberately throwing things off of freeways. Some accidents are not vehicular collisions at all but things like golf balls hitting cars, requiring auto body repair.

Insurance covers many auto body repair jobs, but you need to check first with your policy and the insurance company. An auto body repair shop in New Jersey should be able to help you understand what your policy covers, whether the situation requires additional work that is not covered by the policy, and how much the auto body repairs will cost. The cost of the repairs depend on the type of car and the extent of the damage, and vary considerably so the only way to know how much a repair job will cost is to bring in the vehicle to the auto body shop in New Jersey.

Auto body repair addresses several issues including structural damage and damage to the frame or chassis of the vehicle, dents that occur anywhere in the body of the car, nicks, scratches, or other problems that remove the paint of your car, windshield or glass damage, and more. Repairing the auto body involves the use of sophisticated equipment and an ever-evolving industry that increasingly relies on computer technologies for things like matching paints and checking for proper alignment of your frame.

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