Do You Want to Attract More Customers to Your HVAC Business?

Most HVAC contractors are very busy during the summer and winter months. The same is true for AC and furnace parts suppliers in Columbus OH. But what happens when business slows and you still have bills to pay and equipment to maintain? You need a way to attract more customers but this is easier said than done. Here are some tips to help you earn business while others are sitting around, playing cards and wondering what to do.

Look the Part

Successful HVAC contractors and AC and furnace parts suppliers in Columbus OH look like they are successful. You and your people should be well groomed in business attire with your names embroidered in plain sight. When you look professional, people naturally assume you are professional.
There is an old saying “clothes make the man”. When your staff and employees look good, they are more likely to act in a professional manner and feel good about themselves. This is good for business.

Drive Impressive Vehicles

You don’t have to buy all new vans or trucks, but they should look presentable. You might have to invest in a few repairs and paint jobs, but your vehicles are some of the best advertisement you can buy.

If you have several vehicles they should all look the same. In addition, your company name and contact info should be clearly painted on all your vehicles.

Work On People Skills

Whether you are a furnace parts supplier in Columbus OH, an HVAC contractor, plumber or electrician, you are in the service business. People skills are just as important as technical skills and knowhow. All it takes is one rude or insensitive technician to ruin a perfectly good business, because negative word of mouth travels very fast in most neighborhoods. Make sure your staff has good people skills before sending them on jobs.

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