5 Factors to Consider When Replacing an Air Conditioner in Wichita, Kansas

Where HVAC repair and replacement are concerned, cost is often a motivating factor for the homeowner. While cost provides a good starting point, there are other considerations to make. Below are several things homeowners may not know about an HVAC unit that can help them make an informed decision.

Replacing the Entire System May be the Way to Go

If homeowners decide to make changes, they should consider the entire system. If the outside unit is replaced and the air handler or furnace are left alone, comfort level and energy efficiency could decline. These units are separate, but they work together and must match in efficiency and capacity. Otherwise, one may not get the benefits promised by an efficient Air Conditioner in Wichita Kansas.

Consider the SEER Rating

An HVAC unit’s efficiency is typically measured by SEER or the seasonal energy efficiency ratio. EnergyStar AC units have SEER ratings of 13-21, and the higher number indicates higher efficiency. In most cases, homeowners will likely choose units with a rating in the middle of the scale for financial reasons.

Get a Load of It

An HVAC technician can do a load calculation, or analysis of the home’s cooling requirements, that allows them to recommend the right size unit. Matching the old system’s size isn’t enough. It may be that the current unit was incorrectly sized or the family’s cooling needs have evolved. A new load calculation can ensure that the homeowner gets the right unit for the home and their budget.

Think of the Home’s Insulation

If a home is improperly insulated, it can put a severe strain on an aging HVAC unit. When insulation issues are resolved, it can help a budget-conscious homeowner get a few more years out of an old system. A well-insulated home may help a buyer get by with a smaller system, which can lower upfront cost and recurring energy expenses.

Treat the Unit Properly

Regular maintenance is crucial for the efficient operation of a home air conditioner in Wichita Kansas. Licensed technicians follow a detailed checklist that includes steps such as filter changes, compressor inspections, and refrigerant refills. Without seasonal maintenance, an air conditioner can lose five percent of its efficiency per year. Click here to find out how a maintenance plan can help homeowners take the hassle out of keeping the home’s HVAC system in good shape and ensure years of worry-free operation.

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