Do You Need a Thomas Coupling in Texas or Some Other Coupling?

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Industrial Supplies

Ever since the creation of the first engine, human beings have been attempting to deliver more power from power sources to the tools doing the work. For example, the water wheel driven by the force of a stream or river was one of the earliest kinds of engines used in machining and industry. The wheels were often used to turn grinding stones. Engineers spent much of their time and energy trying to figure out how to develop a more efficient transfer of energy from the river to grinding stone because some amount of energy will always be lost.

As steam engines and then, later, internal combustion engines came into prominence as the tools for delivering power in work applications, engineers set their minds to creating more efficient machines. The delivery of power from the engine to work is often done by a device called a transmission. Creating the smoothest transmission possible is the best way to create a very efficient machine. You also have to think about the couplings that connect the engine to the transmission and the transmission of the work being done. A Thomas coupling is one of the most efficient kinds of couplings you can find.

Disc Coupling

A disc Thomas coupling in Texas is one of the most common and most efficient couplings in high-speed applications. Disc couplings transmit torque from engine to transmission by driving a bolt into a driven bolt. A series of very thin discs transmits the power from bolt to bolt. They are designed to be flexible while maintaining strength under very high torque loads, which makes them great for applications up to about 10,000 RPM.

Disc couplings tend to come in a single disc or double disc style. Single disc styles, as the name implies, are made of only one flat disc spring. Double disc couplings are a little more versatile. They’re able to accommodate misalignments since there are more discs that can bend in different directions.

Chain Coupling

A chain coupling is one of the simplest and most efficient couplings available. It operates much like the sprocket on a bicycle or a motorcycle. Power is delivered to the coupling by a chain connected to the coupling. These couplings are very efficient and very simple, which makes them hard to foul up; however, they are not quite as versatile as disc couplings. They do not allow for much bending or misalignment; also, they do not allow for very high-speed applications. They’re not as well suited to the 10,000 RPM applications as a high-quality Thomas coupling might be.

Choosing the right kind of coupling is essential for performing the work you need with the utmost efficiency and power.

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