Do You Know How to Make a 2nd Story Fire Escape? Plan with This Life-Saving Ladder

There are thousands of fires that take place in the U.S. every day. These fires can lead to long-lasting effects but can also be avoided through good planning and preparation. There are many ways you can avoid getting caught in a fire, but here are just a few tips you should be following.

Check Your Smoke Detector

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s still one of the most important tips. Smoke detectors give you a warning of rising amounts of smoke in the air and alert you and other people in your home of the fire before it’s too late. Checking your smoke detector and making sure the batteries are working is an easy but imperative step to complete. Just by having a working smoke detector, you reduce the chance of injuries by fire in half.

Plan Your Escape

Regardless of where you live, you need to have an escape route planned out that will get you out of harm in the quickest way. Take note to include any other readily available route options for exit, such as a 2nd story fire escape. Usually, these routes are designed from beforehand to be as safe and quick as possible for leaving a burning home.

A Good Tool to Have

If you live in an apartment building or anywhere above ground level, it’s doubly important for you to consider how you can leave your home safely. You don’t want to risk having to choose between jumping down from a few stories to avoid the fire. A good tool for these types of homes is a fire safety ladder. This ladder can be quickly thrown from your window to the ground, and most models can easily support up to 375 pounds. Investing in this tool is a small price to pay if it saves a life in a crisis.

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