Do Not Delay Calling Turbine Repair Services

Turbines, like any other equipment used in a plant or facility, are designed to have a long duty cycle. However, different factors can occur that create operational problems that can start out as relatively minor performance issues with the steam turbine, but quickly turn into failure situations that result in significant downtime and the need to repair or replace the turbine.

Routine Maintenance Requirements

One of the most effective ways to prevent the need for an emergency call to turbine repair services is to follow the recommended maintenance schedule for the system. In most cases, using a company hired to provide maintenance on the turbine is the best option.

Leaving this critical component in the system to in-house maintenance teams can mean less experienced people working on the equipment, which can lead to oversight of the early signs of operational problems. Additionally, by hiring in maintenance from companies able to provide turbine repair services, they are already familiar with the system if there is an emergency or scheduled repair required.

Rotor Issues

It is not uncommon for rotor bending to be the cause of failure in steam turbines. When the rotors become bent over time, they can also damage other components within the turbine, resulting in increased costs of repairs as well as increased repair time where the system is offline.

Rotors can bend due to contact with a surface. When this happens, there is also an increase in the temperature of the metal due to fiction, which further increases the risk of significant damage to the system as the metal expands with increased heat.

Shaft bending, vibration due to shaft rubbing, and issues with seals and bearings can all result in the need for turbine repair services Calling these companies in as early as possible is critical in preventing cascading impacts, or greater problems throughout the system.

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