Why Your Plant Needs Industrial Millwright Services

One of the challenges any plant manager faces is keeping the overhead low on the operational aspects of the plant. Unfortunately, in the petrochemical industry, this often means limiting specialized professionals on the plant staff, which means their expertise is not available in times of breakdowns, troubleshooting, or even developing the best service and maintenance programs for specific rotary equipment.

There is an effective option that plant managers can use when having an industrial millwright on staff is not in the operating budget. This includes hiring a rotary equipment services company that provides repair, service, and maintenance operations both on a contract or as-needed basis.

To weigh the pros and cons of using an industrial millwright service as opposed to hiring plant staff, consider the following benefits in the outsourced service option.

Experience and Training Already in Place

Companies that provide rotary equipment services in the petrochemical industry hire only the top professionals. A single plant, even a large plant, will have difficulty in attracting this level of industrial millwright, and they rarely have the budget to pay for the experience and expertise levels that industrial service providers provide.

Additionally, since the millwright is working on petrochemical plants across the country, there is constant training in new technology, best practices, and in working with the latest in systems used in plants of all sizes. This can be instrumental in troubleshooting issues or creatively solving problems.

Full Service Options

The best rotary equipment services are able to handle all repairs, replacement, service, maintenance, and installation of all types of rotary equipment in the petrochemical industry.

By using a service provider rather than in on-staff millwright, the company can expect specially trained millwrights for specific jobs, leading to faster resolution of the problem, faster fabrication, and installation services if new equipment is required, and a strategic approach to all services required.

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