Dispelling the Myths About Getting a Root Canal in Fargo, ND

So many people have dental fears, and these fears can be nearly paralyzing. But, many people don’t realize just how far modern dentistry has come throughout the years. Most procedures that used to be painful are now virtually pain-free. Sedation dentistry is being practiced by more and more dentists, so the patients don’t feel a thing. They simply wake up to healthier looking smiles. While a lot of big, bulky tools used to be used in the past for many dental procedure, many modern procedures are done with the use of lasers and other fine instruments. The work is more precise, and much easier on the patient.

One procedure that many people dread is getting a Root Canal in Fargo, ND. This involves a few trips to the dentist, but it can save a damaged tooth and eliminate the need for a bridge or dental implant. The dead pulp is removed from the tooth. Then, the empty space is cleaned out. It is re-shaped, and a filling is put in to seal the work. When the pulp is damaged, there are only two options: an extraction or a Root Canal in Fargo, ND. The three main causes of damaged pulp are cavities, injuries to teeth, and cracked or broken teeth.

When one gets a Root Canal in Fargo, ND, they may need to have it done over a number of visits, depending on the extent of the damage to the tooth. If the work can’t be done in a single visit, a temporary filling is placed in the hole where the pulp was. This will protect the tooth until the next dental appointment. It is later removed when the work is to be completed, and a permanent filling is then put in.

The last step involved in getting a Root Canal in Fargo, ND is to have a crown applied. This goes over the tooth and the filling. It is made to match the shade of the surrounding teeth, for a more natural looking smile. If there is significant damage to the tooth, the dentist may have to rebuild it before adding the crown.

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