Different Kinds of Dental Fillings Offered by a Cosmetic Dentist in Midwest City OK

A dental filling is a common method of restoring part of a tooth that had been damaged though dental decay or fractures. You no longer have to extract your tooth, instead have it refilled by a Cosmetic Dentist in Midwest City OK and it will resume its normal functions without any pain. There are seven types of dental re-fillings categorized into two groups: direct and indirect.


In a direct filling, the filling material is directly placed onto your tooth. Materials suitable for this method include, silver filling, glass lonomer, resin lonomer and composite resin.


The material you choose, which may be porcelain, base metal alloy or gold alloy, is modeled in the dental laboratory then restored in your mouth. This method is more expensive compared to the latter.

Benefits of dental fillings

1. When you have a dental filling, the bacterium in your mouth reduces. A tooth with a cavity stores a lot of bacteria and it is hard for a toothbrush to remove them. This bacterium also causes one to have bad breath which restricts one a lot because you cannot talk freely due to your bad breath.
2. You do not have to stay toothless compared to teeth extraction which later limits your life in a number of ways. The full functionality of your teeth will be back to normal once the process is over.
3. The rest of the tooth will not be damaged once you have a dental re-filling. It will also prevent the teeth’s nerves from being further damaged once you have the affected tooth refilled.
4. Brushing will be easier and you will be able to once again eat foods which are healthy to your teeth like raw vegetables which might have been difficult to chew due to a cavity or broken tooth.
5. It is a cheaper method of cosmetic dentistry compared to having the tooth extracted then replaced with an implant. Dental filling is not a complicated procedure and can be afforded by many.

The best time to have a dental filling Midwest City OK is immediately you notice that you need it. Doing so retains a big portion of the healthy tooth and it also ensures that the final tooth structure is stronger.

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