Copper Sheet Metal For Sale: Pure And High Copper Alloys

Copper is a malleable, soft metal in its pure state. Companies can purchase pure copper sheet metal for sale at a number of sheet metal suppliers. The purest coppers will contain at most, 0.7% impurities in total. However, it is also possible to buy copper sheet metal in less pure forms and as alloys. Some sheet metals are high copper alloys; others are distinctive metals such as bronze.

What Is Pure Copper?

Pure copper contains at least 99.7% copper. When it comes to commercial metals, it has the highest level of electrical conductivity. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications in the power, electrical and telecommunications industries. Manufacturers employ it for cables and printed circuit board conductors

What Is a High Copper Alloy?

High copper alloys describe copper alloys that consist mainly of copper (the range is between 96% and 99.3%) but also contain small amounts of other metal elements. Common metals for this purpose are:

* Beryllium

* Chromium

* Iron

* Silver

* Sulfur zirconium

* Tin

The addition of these various metals modifies the basic properties. The specific effects depend upon the metal as well as the amount used. The added metal may influence these copper properties:

* Creep resistance

* Machinability

* Strength

* Weldability

In general, it does not affect the major property – the reason why many companies purchase copper sheet metal for sale from a sheet metal supplier or distributor. In particular, it does not negatively reduce the high levels of electrical conductivity that make copper in sheet and all its forms desirable. In particular, high copper alloys are used to produce busbars and commutators.

Copper Sheet Metal for Sale

Whether your project or product requires copper, it is always best to consider the source. When you look at copper sheet metal for sale online or in a shop, always determine whether pure copper, a high copper alloy or another alloy will best meet the requirements of your project.

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