Concerned about Intruders? A Lock and Key Service in Scottsdale, AZ can Secure a Home

People are very concerned about their safety these days. That includes the time they spend in their own home. Hiring a Lock and Key Service Scottsdale AZ is the easiest way to ensure their safety. The locksmith will inspect their home and make sure that all of their doors and windows have secure locks that can’t be picked or drilled through. Even if the home is a new home, it’s important to make sure that no one except the current residents have keys to the home. It’s hard to know who could have made keys to the locks during the time the house was being built and sold.

Today’s families are often blended families. Therefore the people living in the home can change quickly. If a teen had a key to the house, there is a chance that a former spouse had a duplicate key made. A Lock And Key Service Scottsdale AZ can quickly change the locks. However, if the household is constantly changing, the parents may want to consider a keyless entry system. A keypad is put by the front door. A code is then used to enter the house. When a child moves out, the parents can simply change the code. This ensures that no one can gain entry to the home unexpectedly.

The Lock And Key Service Scottsdale AZ will pay close attention the the garage door opener and the door that connects the garage to the rest of the home. If the automatic garage door opener is not protected properly, thieves can easily steal the code. This occurs when the homeowner does not change the security code after it is installed. Builders often install a flimsy lock on the garage door that enters the home. The locksmith will replace it with a deadbolt lock that can’t be picked or drilled through. Once a thief is alone in a garage, they can have hours to gain entry to the home.

Locks can also be placed on doors leading to the basement. If a person should break a window and gain entry, he won’t be able access the upper floors of the home. The Lock And Key Service Scottsdale AZ may also place a lock on an attic door, if there is a window that a thief could enter. This protects the safety of anyone in the main living space.

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